Yoga Diet To Keep Your Body And Soul Healthy


Basically a Yoga Diet is a totally vegetarian diet. The spiritual
reason behind it is the fact that people who practice yoga gain some
consciousness of mind which does not allow them to eat meat of living
beings. They practice kindness to all animals and lay emphasis on the
benefits of vegetarian diet.
Yoga Diet has been able to stand the test of time and has been around
for a number of years. It primarily consists of whole grains, cereals,
fresh vegetables and fruits. Practicing it not only takes care of your
health but also helps in rejuvenating your soul and spirit. Also it
helps you to lose weight and remain healthy, thus making you feel
The main contents of a Yoga diet and the ways and means in which you
can stay healthy with a yoga centered diet are discussed here.
As the yoga diet is typically a vegetarian diet without any meat or
fish, the protein requirement of your body is taken care by the
incorporation of beans and legumes in your diet. A good quantum of
salads, sprouted beans, lentils, bean soups and dishes made from
lentils and beans are instrumental in providing you the much needed
protein intake. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt
etc. are allowed and are helpful in providing energy to the body.
Seasonal and organic vegetables are the main source of nutrition.
Dishes such as curries, appetizers and entrees can be made out of such
fresh vegetables.
Plenty of water intakes are recommended for a healthy mind and body.
According to the prescription of a Yoga Diet, your body should get at
least 2 liters of water everyday which may be consumed in the form of
plain water or fruits and vegetable juices, nut milk, soy milk and
other liquids. Mainly recommended food are those which can be digested
easily such as juices, fruits, vegetables, milk, honey etc.
Foods which are difficult to digest must be avoided. The main concept
of yoga is to keep your immune system in good shape and if you intake
lots of heavily processed food which cannot be digested easily then the
whole purpose of Yoga diet will be defeated. You should avoid consuming
food made with white flour or white sugar and packaged food which are
added with preservatives to keep them fresh for a longer period. This
type of food can be detrimental to your health.
Yoga diets also prescribe that you must eat your food slowly and chew
it properly before swallowing so that it can be digested easily.
Fibrous foods and green leafy vegetables are most recommended for easy
If you follow a proper yoga diet and supplement it with yoga workouts,
you are sure to stay fit and lose weight at earliest. This is also sure
to reduce the chances of heart attack, kidney diseases, stroke and
cancer. Meat lovers are more prone to cancer and heart attacks than
those who follow a balanced vegetarian diet.
A well chalked out yoga diet provides all the necessary protein and
minerals to your body and the yogic exercises practiced along with pure
vegetarian diet provides you with spiritual rejuvenation thus making
your body, soul and spirit work in the right union and yield positive

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