What You Should Do after Running


Running we often talk about is jogging is part to aerobic exercise, which we could choose to do it at four or five o’clock at the time of afternoon.After finishing working people take do sports and it is the same as our biological rhythm. The study tells us that there is a best time for us and that is about five o’clock in the afternoon. The early morning is right choice for us. The air is new and fresh and other side there is a little traffic at that time. The temperature is below normal, you have to be ready for preparations which the conversion of slow and fast. The joint of all body and muscle can get full preheated. And then the breathing system, recycle system will turn into working position after that you could proceed your running exercise. In this way you can avoid that the tiredness will show up in advance and reduce the possibility of sporting harmThe action skill of running is stressed that you can not show your hands in the front and not show your elbows in the back. Shoulder joint takes it easy and swing of the arm forward and back. The body bends forward and focus stands forward so as to that the focuses could make body have a movement. There is need rhythmic for breathing, you had better breath in and out every two or threes paces. You should proceed to do it with your nose. When the intension of your movement increased and there is no enough oxygen from nose for moving and you can also breath with mouth. Whereas it is particular about the means. The tongue tip arrived at the maxilla and then let indrawn air pass into our respiratory tract from both sides of our tongue. In this way it can reduce the cold air to the stimulation of air way and also avoid having a stomach after running.There is a feeling of having a thirsty and you had better not drink water in a hurry. Like this it will sit heavy on your heart and then it will have a water intoxication or not also have a stop motion all of a suddenly. It is also make your body produce gravity shock, it is all too dangerous. You should carry out walking and after that have a proper leg pressing, enlarge chest and so on. Keep our muscle clam gradually and have an amount of water.In the course of jogging there is a period called time of hard which you will have a feeling of choking sensation in chest losing breath, muscle hurt. In the course of adaptation to breath and muscle will produce it, there is need a firm will for you. You should adjust the breath rhythm in your own ideas and only in this way you can get though the difficulty time. Therefore you will feel breath freely and muscle slackly and come into the best condition step by step. On the best conditions we can enjoy the happiness and excitement which running brings to us. Let us runt to make ourselves strong. Let us run to make ourselves beautiful. If you want to be smart, let us run.


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