Weighted Women’s Vest


Women today are enjoying their workout while wearing
weighted women’s vest, at least for sport-specific and general fitness
training for women. Wearing a weighted vest adds mass to the body,
forcing your muscles to overcome this extra resistance with every
the weighted vest is worn for training, the sport benefits occur when
your performance is measured without it. The ground benefits that you
can have when wearing this women’s vest include increased muscular
strength and endurance.The use of this kind of women’s vest
is based on the overload principle. In order for gains in strength and
endurance to occur, your body must work at a load that is beyond normal.
This is because with every move that you make, your central nervous
system thinks that your weight has increased. Additional muscle fibers
are recruited to overcome the additional resistance of the weighted
training targets specific muscle areas while the weighted vest
distributes the extra resistance evenly throughout your body. Resulting
in strength gains occurring in many muscle groups, walking and jogging
strengthens the lower body muscles. Your core, abdominal and muscled in
your lower back contract to maintain proper posture while wearing the
vest has definitely gone a long way, aside from providing fashion and
trendy new styles. These weighted vests help by promoting a leaner and
healthier body when women go on workouts. They are worn just like any
other women’s vest
on the torso. The vest has a nylon covering with inserts to place
cylindrical weights in the front and back to evenly distribute the
weight. Velcro straps custom fit the vest to your body. Weight
resistance capacity ranges from 10 to 100 lbs.Suggested starting weight is two percent of your body weight, working up to 10 percent.If
you want to try this one out, you should first consult your physician
before starting with a fitness program. Initial training should occur
without the weighted vest to build a strength foundation. When wearing
the vest, start with a lighter weight for use with everyday activities
to maintain proper posture and alignment before performing training
activities. Postural deviations while wearing the vest may lead to
study that was conducted at Texas Tech university features the use of
this vest for track and field athletes. When comparing vertical jump
performances, the athletes that used the weight vests during plyometric,
or power training, experienced a significant improvement in their
vertical leap compared to those athletes who didn’t.

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