The Journey to Being Well Begins With You

Wellness is a term that is often defined as the ability to meet daily challenges and adapt to change. It is a complex state composed of aspects of physical, emotional, and intellectual health, as well as a number of other factors.
Some of the aspects of wellness can be supplied by someone else sometimes – someone may be able to cheer you up or provide you with shelter – but because many of the aspects of wellness require your cooperation and because there are so many different aspects of wellness, the journey to your complete wellness has to start with you.
It Can Be Difficult For Others To Assess Your Wellness
One of the main reasons that your journey to wellness has to begin with you is that it might not be clear to other people when you are not well. We tend to overlook potential problems with someone intellectual health if they seem to have a healthy social life, or if someone appears physically healthy we may assume that they are healthy emotionally. It can also be hard to know what someone’s home life is like or if they have a good home life we may ignore that their job is dangerous.
You are a complex person, and if one aspect of your life falls out of balance other people might not notice. It’s up to you to notice, and to address that issue before it begins to impact other areas of your life.
Other People Can’t Be Well For You
Many aspects of wellness – intellectual health, physical health, and social health in particular – require a degree of commitment from the individual. No one can make an adult get enough sleep, eat the right foods, devote time to learning, or spend time with others.
It can be hard to find time to satisfy all of these commitments, and if you don’t make that time no one else is going to pen it into your schedule for you.
All Of The Aspects Of Wellness Are Important
Your attitude plays a large role in how well you maintain your wellness.
People often fail to cultivate an aspect of their wellness when they decide that that particular thing is not necessary for them, perhaps because it can be easy to think that overcompensating for one aspect of health means that it is okay to neglect another.
Having a social life doesn’t mean that you don’t need sleep. Having an education doesn’t mean that you don’t need a social life. If you fall into this pattern of thinking, it can be difficult for someone else to change your mind. Usually you need to change your perspective, or some kind of health emergency will change it for you.
No One Can Care About You As Much As You Can
Just as it can be difficult for anyone else to know where you in terms of your wellness, no one has a greater vested interest in your wellness than you do.
Other people can be, and probably are, interested in your wellness but you need to care about it too.
How much you care about yourself is both a symptom and a side effect of your wellness, which can make it difficult to change. The journey to wellness begins with you but it can still include others who can help you on your way once you’ve decided to take the first step.

Most of this article has probably sounded a little harsh. That’s because maintaining wellness is a lot of responsibility, and it is all up to you.
This article should sound optimistic, however. If you are reading this article, then chances are you have decided to accept that responsibility. Keep in mind as well that that is a responsibility that many people don’t accept.
And while your road to wellness might be your own journey, the decisions that you make and the paths that you take influence the choices and paths available to others.

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