Strength Training: Three Myths Revealed About Weights and Weight Loss

You want to lose weight so how does strength training fit in the picture?  Using weights is a fantastic complement to cardiovascular exercise.  But there are some misconceptions about strength training you should know about. 

Myth #1:  Weightlifting will get rid of my unsightly bulges.  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “spot reduction.”  Lifting weights alone will not get rid of that bra overhang or jiggle under your arms.  The truth is you must reduce fat all over to see results in your trouble zones.  The best way to do this is by combining cardio and strength training.  Regular aerobic exercise burns calories and helps melt away the pounds.  Strength training (using free weights or weight machines) will build muscle mass.  Those muscles will burn more calories for you.  It’s estimated that you need 50-60 extra calories per day to maintain each pound of muscle you add to your body. 

Myth #2:  If you lift weights, you have to eat a lot more protein.  Supermarket shelves are filled with protein bars, powders, supplements and drinks.  We have been programmed to think eat protein, eat protein.  But an average 130 pound woman only needs 47-60 grams of protein a day.  If you consume too much protein, you strain your kidneys and liver.  Protein, healthy carbs and fat are all necessary for muscle growth.

Myth #3:  The more repetitions, the better.  You want to keep the number of repetitions down to about 8-12 repetitions.  By the time you get to your 10th rep or so, your muscle should feel fatigued.  This strain is necessary to build up your muscles.  If you just do endless reps with light weights, you might as well spend your time doing cardio. 

When you exercise with weights, you build muscle and maximize your time.  If you’re going to spend 5 minutes doing squatsComputer Technology Articles, grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them while you’re doing the squats.  You’re spending the same amount of time exercising but your body is getting a more effective workout.  Incorporating strength training a few times every week will help you get to your goal weight faster!  

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