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We may talk about running food a lot. Such as can we eat during the running? Shall we drink during running? Scientific studies let us know more about running. From this article; you may get lot of information knowledge.When we agree that running should have common food, there is one exception in the case, that is do not do so shortly before the long running game or exercise. Because the food (almost little amount of amount food) really has great relationship with running. It is best to avoid a large number of foods, like eggs, ham and sausages. On the contrary, you would eat toast with jam or muffins with honey. Many runners eat great amount of pancakes, which be the traditional food for marathon, or some porridge. But these foods will make runners stomach swollen, especially eating them 5 to 6 hours before the running. You would better keep in mind that eating before running will not do well for the race. It is too late to eat them before running or on the running day, eating something just only make you not feel hungry. This seems unreasonable, but research done by Oklahoma State University proved this is the fact. Sixty-eight of the university soccer players were divided into four groups. One group eat steak; another group eat pancake, third group eat porridge, the fourth group eat nothing. These athletics run 2 miles not long after the breakfast, they did not have much difference when running. In other words, what to eat before running have nothing to do with running.Many people think that take in extra sugar or storage extra sugar is not intelligent. Sugar may cause cramps, nausea; and to some occasions, will cause abnormal symptoms that may cause by low sugar. But on recent medical conference; researchers done by John doctor present evidence that sugar may increase in energy during running. But the middle of the game trying to eat anything else is meaningless: you can not digest it. Your body is busy on complex chemical reaction and transporting blood, oxygen, no time to digest food. No matter how hungry you are, you will not be damaged. Even though you are running marathon.The thing you really need to take care is water. Even the loss of one quart of water can make you slow down the speed; loose two quart of water may damage to your body. So in time of fluids is very important. Some coaches think that sweat during running is good thing, but drink water is not. Researches conducted on this issue have shown that is not the case. Physical activity have a liquid supplement is better, drink some cool beverage during the running is good choice.You may feel hungry after running, and your body is recovering to normal condition. If you just eat, you are likely to feel nausea or stomach cramps. The only thing you would do before running is drink enough, because body have strong ability of self-regulation.
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