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Eating right is vital in weight gaining. Proper diet is what really gets the weight training exercises working. No food means that no amount of exercise will build your muscles. The following steps can help you look good and get in shape with more muscles.Step 1. Sit-ups – 3 sets of 20 for one week. Increase by 5 each week. There should also be three sets of ten push-ups included in that first week. Every week after that increase the number 5. Don’t let that be all you do. You should also include some biking or jogging. When all of these components are worked together you will discover that muscle builds up faster.Step 2. Month 2 means a change in your routine. Add crunches to your sit-ups. Start with three sets of twenty and increase by five each week after wards. Place feet on the wall as you do your push-ups. Begin this change in routine with 3 sets of 10 with weekly increase of 5. Exercise faster when you bike or run.Step 3. The third month is the serious and intense muscle building time. All the sit-ups and crunches from the prior months and then add a bicycle lay to it. Start out doing three sets of fifty, then add ten with each subsequent week. Next, include jump clapping in your push-up routine. Start off with three sets of five and increase by three each week. Your biking should be at double the speed it has been done.Step 4. Your pace should not waver throughout the rest of your routine. At this time, your training regimen should have the back lift included. Incremental increase of 5 follows the initial 3 sets of 15. The next thing will be to double how fast you are running or biking. Don’t stop until your body absolutely needs a break.Step 5. Always start at lower weight, you can then add more as you grow Proper stretching is essential before beginning a lifting routine. For half an hour work out once or twice a week with an increase to three times a week at the same speed.How to build muscle fast Pointers* It is important not to skip the weekly increases. Set your own increase schedule if you cannot fit it into your exercise routine.* There might be a time when you have trouble with a particular exercise. You should research the exercise and see what needs to be changed.* Sometimes you just cannot go outside to exercise. If that happens to you, try a treadmill or use a stair climber.* Increase your muscle tone with occasional use of exercise machines.* Use one hand in doing your push-ups and do half the number.* Eating right has to happen to gain weight. Consume the right foods and your muscles will have the needed energy to grow. Every pound you weigh is a good gauge on how much protein to consume. Take in one pound of protein for every pound of body weight.* Workouts should include free weights. The correct method of performing these exercises is critical. Try using these exercises to reach success.*Don’t be one to be lazy on it. Be willing to commit to a plan of workouts every second day.This is the knowledge you now need for success in building muscle. Play it smart. Your routine should be even and not too much or too little. It is possible to endure severe cramps, soreness and even injury. It is necessary to return to the beginning point, if injury ends suspends your workout. Use wisdom and good judgment. The worst plan is to believe steroids are a good choice.

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