Organize Your Life With These Four Great Apps

As the year begins to dwindle down, people begin to think about what they want to accomplish in the year to come. Whether it’s working out more or getting that dream job, goals begin with a plan. Organization means more than coordinating colors or items. It’s an entire lifestyle that works to encourage growth.

Planners and organizers have gained immense popularity over time. It’s almost transitioned from a routine part of life to an all-out craft. Although many people find comfort in writing out their to-do’s, they may not have the time to do so.

Since we live in a technologically advanced society, it’s awesome to know that we can still stay organized even while on the go. As we begin to step into the New Year, let’s consider the best apps to download now.

1. My Fitness Pal

If getting fit is a part of your goal, My Fitness Pal is the way to go. This app keeps your organized with your meals, workouts and even macros. You’re able to sync it with your Apple Watch or FitBit to really get accurate results. How does the app work? You simply log in your meals and workouts to determine your caloric intake. This app is ideal for meal organization because it shows you exactly what you’ve consumed from breakfast to dinner.

2. Evernote

Evernote has been around for a while now. Users are able to make to-do lists and specific notebooks for each goal. If you need to share notes with others, you can create collaborative notebooks that make sharing information easy. This app bridges an organizer with journaling as you’re able to upload pictures.

Like many apps, you are allotted a free amount of storage. However, you have to pay for additional notebooks and other premium benefits. In addition, Evernote allows its users to set daily reminders and alerts of when things are due. This is ideal because you sometimes need a little reminder when things get hectic.

3. Day 1 Journal

This app is quite similar to Evernote in the way it operates. The only difference is the layout. It gives users the opportunity to tag locations and upload photos in a cleaner layout. You can even set specific reminders throughout the day that you can customize to your liking.
This app is ideal for jotting down information and even journaling thoughts. The layout is quite relaxing as well.

4. Flo

Flo is an awesome app that help you stay organized during that time of the month. Women who want to get pregnant are also able to accurately determine when they are ovulating. The reason this app is so helpful is because women are able to get reminders that alert them when their period is set to begin. They can log symptoms and even water intake.

This is ideal for planning certain vacations and outings. You’ll know exactly when your period is coming without having to go through the guessing game.

When it comes to finding the best app, one of the main things to consider is its functionality. Ask yourself, is it easy to navigate? Do I want to use it on a regular basis? Having an app that is easy to use will make you more likely to use it.

Getting organized doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually provide you with a substantial amount of mental clarity.

If you’re on the hunt for reliable apps that can help you get organized in more ways than one, consider the ones listed. Getting a head start on the New Year will help you stick to your goals more efficiently.\\\"\\\"

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