Isometrics Is The Key To Success

Fad Diets, Quick Weight Loss … Ultimate Failure

Fad diets may lead to the rapid loss of a few pounds of water, but the “weight loss” isn’t real, doesn’t last, and is ultimately harmful to both health and looks. What’s needed is a commitment to the three basics: nutrition, aerobics, and exercise for the kind of strength training you can achieve by exercising with an isometric training video.

Just about everyone has experienced the exhilaration of quick weight loss from a fad diet. Just about everyone also has experienced the depression and sense of failure that come crashing in when those lost pounds are quickly regained … usually plus a few extra, too.

Why does this happen? The reason is simple. Mostly, any quick “weight loss” is really just the loss of water, not fat … and the minute you go off the fad diet, you’re doomed to regain every ounce you hoped was gone forever. This is especially true if the fad diet is all you did, and didn’t undertake a full fitness program.

True – and sustainable – weight loss and physical fitness requires a commitment to a healthy nutritional plan, some form of exercise to get your heart pumping oxygen (aerobics), and a strengthening of muscles. Why some balk at this simple fact is a mystery, since it’s not really all that much of a challenge to eat well but properly, take a pleasant, brisk, 30-minute walk several times a week, and to strengthen muscles by following a non-stressful isometrics exercise program.

Research shows that most people are most afraid of and resistant to the “muscle strengthening” part of a fitness plan … believing (and fearing) that means an expensive gym membership, special clothing and equipment, and many hours spent daily, doing strenuous exercises, in front of others, that leave you aching, exhausted, physically spent and embarrassed about how out of shape you actually are.

Well, none of that is true when you strengthen your muscles by following the easy isometric exercises found in an at-home isometrics training DVD. There’s no gym to join or special workout clothes to buy … no strenuous, torturous exercises … no embarrassment about “performing” in front of others who are far more fit than you … and it takes only ten minutes a day! With an isometrics exercise DVD, you do the simple but powerful exercises in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Whenever you want. Dressed however you feel like dressing. For as long as you wish. And without an audience, judging you or making snide faces at your pathetic efforts to keep up with the gym bunnies.

When you see how quickly your body begins to respond to isometric exercise … and when you feel the increased levels of energy and vitality that the exercises yield … you’ll be inspired to continue. And constancy is what’s needed for true, long-term success.

By eliminating the discomfort and fears about the kind of strenuous, painful muscle strengthening programs most often associated with “getting in shape” and, instead, strengthening your muscles with the simple, relaxing exercises found on an isometrics training DVD, it’s more likely that your full fitness program will be successfulComputer Technology Articles, yielding the kind of lasting results you dreamed about when

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