How Will You Succeed In Losing Weight?

The figure of 300,000 adults dying from fat-related illnesses has been released in the United States. Studies undertaken by the Childhood Obesity Statistics notes that obesity figures in children is heading towards epidemic proportions.

The problem is almost too big to conceive and it is escalating, with the number of vastly overweight children hitting the news more and more frequently. It has been acknowledged that overweight runs in families, either through inherited poor nutrition or lack of sufficient exercise, but despite it always being thought that children would grow out of their ‘puppy fat’, these days, children rarely do and go on to become overweight, and often unhealthy, adults, passing their poor nutritional habits on to their children. Children are probably not helped by frequenting Fast Food Restaurants where extra large portions are freely on offer, along with sugary drinks, doughnuts and other sugary snacks.

What about weight loss plans, though? Why are these not helping? After all, there are plenty of them around. The problem with weight loss plans, they are based on calories in/calories out and, if somebody’s body weight is so high that the calorie ratio cannot be met, the overweight person would have to survive on so few calories that it would be almost impossible for them to live especially when you think that a person who is vastly overweight would have to remain on that weight loss plan for many many months. In the end, it is hardly feasible.

A huge part of the problem is the pace of life in the 21st century, usually with both adults in a household working from early morning and returning home to children, housework, cooking and attempting to maintain some degree of family life amongst this daily maelstrom. In the end everybody ends up exhausted and too tired to do much more than flop in front of the television, despite the fact that they know it is not a good idea to be so indolent. Food is eaten quickly, food shopping is undertaken in a hurry and fattening processed foods full of saturated fats are the easiest to prepare quickly and are often the basic ingredients in many of the ready meals marketed for busy families.

It is hardly surprising that after failure follows failure overweight people either completely give up trying to lose weight, or they turn to alternatives such as hypnosis and acupuncture or to dietary supplements and finally, to bariatric surgery – a last resort which has seen many successes since it increased in popularity. Meanwhile, the weight loss supplement is huge, with websites devoted to Acai berries, Hoodie Gordonii, Ororo Detox, Lipobind, Proactol plus many more. These are the tip of the iceberg and basically, if you are overweight and have not succeeded in losing weight yetPsychology Articles, studies have found that you will be ready to try absolutely anything to help you find the Holy Grail of just becoming a normal size.

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