How To Prevent Aging Diet And Exercise


While it is true that advancing years mean wisdom, experience and a lot of memories, they also mean a decline in health and looks. One cannot prevent getting older, but one can surely prevent aging of the skin, and can live longer with good health. A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping one looking younger and fitter. The right diet coupled with the right exercise is the surest way to prevent most diseases, as well as aging. A balanced diet starts with the consumption of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. Fruits should preferably be consumed in whole instead of juices, as they contain roughage, which the juices lack. Vitamin C, which reduces the damage to the skin caused by the sun, is a vital ingredient in a lot of fruits. Fast foods and junk foods are certainly not for the disciplined ones, who do not want to play havoc with their body. The same is the case with oily foods that clog the blood vessels resulting in a dull skin. Red meat should be eaten sparingly as it increases the risk of esophageal cancer. Almonds contain Vitamin E and are good for the skin in any form. A handful of almonds can be eaten daily, and almond oil can be applied on the skin to give nutrition and prevent wrinkles. Spinach and tomatoes contain lycopene that reduces the effect of sun on the skin. Hence, these should be consumed regularly. Also, green vegetables should be eaten raw, cooked or in the form of salads. Dark chocolate when eaten in moderation relaxes and calms the body, thus aiding in keeping the skin radiant. Most sugary products should however be avoided as they tend to sag the skin. Drinking a substantial amount of water everyday clears the body of all the waste, and keeps it hydrated, thereby giving a healthy and glowing skin.Certain damages caused to the skin due to sun cannot be reversed. Hence, great care must be taken. Good sunscreens with minimum SPF 30 or more should be applied, and umbrellas or hats should be used wherever possible to protect oneself from the harmful UV rays. Too much of tea, coffee and aerated drinks too cause harm to the skin and should be avoided. Also, smokers and alcoholics have a dry and dull skin. So those wanting to stay healthy should take a cue and stay away from these vices. Pollution too is a big culprit that accelerates aging. It is therefore advisable to protect the skin by applying lotions meant to shelter the skin. This should be combined with the consumption of foods rich in Vitamin A, which has the ability to reverse skin damage. Also, cleansing the skin everyday before going to bed is extremely essential, as it keeps the pores open and allows the skin to breathe. It is very important to exercise everyday, or else a brisk walk of 40-50 minutes should be a part of one’s lifestyle, as obese skin tends to sag and makes one look older than one’s age.Source: Free Articles from

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