How To Lose Weight Naturally After Pregnancy


The medical experts recommend not start dieting at least three months after birth. However, a selection of the foods with low calories combined with moderate exercise is indicated in order to achieve weight loss. Although you will not get instant results, it is very important to make the first steps of natural weight loss plan. The recovering period can last up to nine months, but a slow approach is best because you need to give your body time to recover after childbirth. You might be able to lose weight faster, but this could be in the detriment of your child, because using a low-carb or a low-protein diet you might be sacrificing valuable nutrients as a result.  Anyway, breastfeeding itself actually enhances weight loss. It is medically proved that breastfeeding leads to the release of hormones which enable your uterus to return to its normal size. But do not think that breastfeeding alone will bring down your weight. Keep in mind that you need to have at least 1800 calories a day while breastfeeding in order to keep yourself and your baby healthy, so you need to eat, just stay away of junk food during this period, rely on food with high nutritional value to maintain the proper level of calories each day. Fruits and vegetables are the best solution for your nutrition in this period. Because vegetables have low sodium content, they aid in reducing water gain, as well. Not many are aware that sodium causes water to be stored in the body’s intestinal parts. Fruits and vegetables are the big winners in the heavy weight-low calorie department. They weigh a lot because of their fiber and water content and yet do not have many calories. Your diet should generally be low-fat but not fat-free; vitamin rich; and high-fiber. Fiber is a natural fighter of diseases. A fad diet could be quite harmful to your health and could actually slow your recovery from childbirth. It’s a good idea to set weight-loss goals, but don’t go overboard.You may see a number of actress-moms gracing the covers of magazines shortly after the birth of their children. They appear svelte and elegant, totally devoid of baby fat. They may even talk about exercising right after childbirth. This is a dangerous message: that you must do all you can to become thin as quickly as possible after your baby is born. Such a philosophy it’s unhealthy. There are many good reasons to exercise during the post-partum period, but make it moderated. Exercise also reduce the post-partum depression, improve your mood and boost your confidence. You might consider joining a “Mommy and Me” exercise class so that your baby can exercise right along with you. But having a friend or relative to act as your exercise buddy will give you a strong emotional support while exercising.The post-partum period is challenging for new mothers physical and emotional strength. But eating healthy and making moderate exercise, you should be able to lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy. In fact, you might find that you’re actually healthier after your baby is born. For more information about losing weight naturally and without starving yourself visit my site.Source: Free Articles from

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