How healthy is your food?

Your health is in your hands. In today’s highly stressful and pollution filled environment, our bodies are more susceptible to various diseases and our resistance power has weakened. As a result many young men and women are now registering cases of problems like early menopause, heart attacks and type two diabetes. In such a toxic environment it is up to you to make sure the side effects of a fast paced life don’t take a toll on your health and wellbeing. One of the areas of highest concern should be your daily diet. A well balanced diet filled with vitamins, nutrients, minerals and essential vitamins is the key to happiness and good health. Here’s busting a couple of myths when it comes to healthy eating.Most people on diets think that the right way to lose weight and be healthy is by eating as little food as you possibly can. This theory cannot be further from the truth. Our body requires regular meals in order to function to the best of its abilities. It requires regular meals with a little bit of every food group. Cutting out any particular food group from your diet for a long time is a bad idea. This is because everything; be with cheese, rice or bread has essential vitamins and nutrients. These nutrients and vitamins help keep your body healthy and in working condition. 6-8 small meals a day is a better option than 3 big meals during the day as regular eating speeds up our digestive system and increases metabolic activity. It keeps you full for longer and allows you to include more food items like nuts, fruits and yogurt into our daily meals. However you must be smart about what you eat and not snack of unhealthy things like chips, burgers and deep fried snacks. You should opt for complex carbohydrates instead of cutting it out of your meal entirely. This means you should pick brown rice over white rice, whole wheat bread over white bread and pasta made with drum wheat or semolina instead of flour. Opting for light mayonnaise, white butter, skim milk and lean meat allows you to indulge in your favorite food items without piling on the extra calories. They are not only tastier options but also much more healthy and make you feel full faster. The same applies to sweets. You should try and prepare desserts using a good sugar substitute. You should go for beverages that have little or zero calories like water, coconut water, lime water and carbonated diet beverages. These little steps will allow you to maintain good health even when you have little time to spare for preparing your meals. They will give you the freedom to eat what you want and not have to constantly worry about weight and health. Sugar substitutes like Hexagon’s Kal Tame can be added to tea and coffee instead of sugar. This sugar substitute is made out of sucrose which is a by product of sugar and therefore completely natural and healthy. Other than sugar substitutes, diet biscuits, diet beverages and diet snacks are a good way to go as it allows you to incorporate more healthy meals into your daily routine insuring you’re always at your healthiest best. Source: Free Articles from

The author is worried about the increasing health problem in the country. According to him poor diets, unhealthy lifestyles and irregular sleeping patterns are some of the reasons more and more people are falling prey to such problems. Through his articles he wants to inform people about the right supplements by which one can stay fit and healthy. For more information on this project, visit:

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