HCG Weight Loss and HCG Mixing Kits

HCG weight loss is nothing new. It’s a method of weight loss that was
developed forty-some years ago, in Europe, by a man named A.T.W.
Simeons. The HCG weight loss method that he developed in the 1950’s and
1960’s has been adapted and evolved by Kevin Trudeau.

How does HCG weight loss work? Well, you should know that youÂ’d
definitely need to have HCG mixing kits on hand. You see, this method
of weight loss works by harnessing the power of the natural hormone
HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. Pregnant women naturally produce
this hormone. When injected and combined with a low, 500 calories per
day diet, obese individuals tend to lose a lot of weight.

What is not entirely certain is the role that HCG plays in HCG weight
loss, though studies have obviously shown that it does play an
effective role. It is thought that the use of HCG (which is combined
with a suspending solution through the use of HCG mixing kits prior to
injection) protects lean muscle with the hypothalamus, while fat
reserves are targeted for energy usage.

If you are looking for a new method of weight loss, then you should definitely give HCG weight loss
a try. With the use of HCG, HCG mixing kits and special dietary
instructions, you can easily lose several pounds of fat per week.
Losing weight will not only help you look better, it will help you feel
better. It has been proven that just a loss of ten pounds, or for the
more obese patient of ten percent of body weight, is enough to have
significant health benefits.

If you do decide to lose weight using HCG, then you will definitely
want to stock up on HCG and HCG mixing kits. You will need to use HCG mixing kits
to mix the HCG hormone (this usually comes in tablet form, though it
may also be purchased in liquid form) with a special suspension
solution. The use of the solution keeps the HCG fresher, longerFree Web Content, so
that you may use it for up to 23 days at a time.

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