Food Bowls: A New Trend in Wellness

We’re sure you’ve seen the latest trend in healthy restaurants cropping up everywhere: food bowls. It started with burrito bowls and noodle bowls and escalated to almost every type of bowl imaginable.
You can find almost any nationality’s cuisine in bowl form nowadays; the question is why are they becoming so popular?

The concept behind most food bowls is to offer a healthy meal that’s large and filling. Through this article, we’ll explain what food bowls are and how they’re quickly becoming the hottest trend in wellness.

What are food bowls?
The category deemed “food bowls” encompasses a wide variety of healthy foods offered in large quantity in a bowl. There are many different nationalities of food that offer healthier bowl options nowadays. Common types of bowls include the following:

Burrito bowls
Burrito bowls are healthier alternatives to burritos. Rather than a tortilla, these generally have a base of lettuce or rice. The appeal of this option is the ability to include more toppings and a tasty gluten-free alternative.

Salad bowls
Salad bowls are, in theory, much larger and often custom salads. These frequently include proteins, unlimited veggies, and rice, rice noodles, or quinoa. They tend to offer more options than most places that offer salads.

Poke bowls
Poke bowls are salads comprised of raw fish and various veggies. Most poke bowl places offer a grain option, custom veggies, and a variety of raw fish from which you can choose.

Why are they becoming so popular?
There are a lot of reasons why wellness enthusiasts are falling head over heels for this new food trend. For starters, it’s a much better deal. In most restaurants, when you order the healthy options, you get small portions and little customization.

With food bowls, you’re offered much more bang for your buck as you’re given larger portions of each option you choose. In addition to that, food bowls offer the option of minimizing the carbs and maximizing the veggies, more often than not with a lot of customizable options. For the same price, you get much more food with a lot of variety.

What do food bowls usually include?
While each type of food bowl has something different to offer, they all have the same basic formula. Each offers a choice of grain (usually more than one option) or a bed of lettuce option for grain free alternatives, a choice of protein, a choice of sauce, and either a large number of vegetables you can select or unlimited vegetables.

The best part of food bowls and a large part of the appeal is the large portion of each ingredient you get. This ensures that you get the most for your money and have a large, filling meal. While some of the salad bowls only offer quinoa and some pasta bowls don’t offer beds of lettuce, they all follow that same basic formula in their construction.

Food bowls are the new wellness trend taking the food industry by storm. This newest addition to the menu offers a slew of customizable options, large portions, and the opportunity for lots of variety in your food. Food bowls also offer a healthy way to still get a large portion, especially as compared to other food serving modalities and foods that are included in the traditional plate.

Oftentimes, when you purchase healthier foods at restaurants, you tend to pay more and get smaller portions.

With food bowls, you get more bang for your buck by getting larger portions of the still healthier foods. If you have yet to try this great new food trend, you should try it today.

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