Following an Upper Body Workout for Women


If they regularly participate in workouts, they don’t always use the right ones. This is why it helps to learn an upper body workout for women, one that’s specifically created for ladies. The exercises strengthen and tone the upper body. Best Exercises for WomenThere are three upper body workouts a woman should regularly participate in. This upper body workout for women should include triceps dips, push-ups, and bicep curls. These are three of the simpler weight training exercises, and they will help tone the upper body. However, if you want to add continued definition to the arms, it’s important to combine the weightlifting with a weight loss program. Tricep DipsWhen performing this exercise, make sure to sit on the edge of a bench or strong chair. Put your hands right by your hips on the chair’s edge and have your fingers pointed forward. Lift your body off the chair and lower your rear down toward the floor. Then, raise your back to the chair’s level. Try to complete as many of these repetitions as possible and as often as you can. Push-UpsEvery woman has heard of a push-up, as it’s a classic standby. It will tone the shoulders and arms of both men and women. When participating in a women’s push-up, rest the lower body at your knees. Then, push your body up with the weight still resting on your knees. Try to do 10 to 20 of these push-ups a day or even more. Bicep CurlsBicep curls are very simple and use dumbbells to strengthen the arms’ biceps. Raise one arm at a time, as it holds the weight. It should then tap the shoulder. Another option is to lower the dumbbell slowly to the starting position.Don’t Give UpWhen participating in an upper body workout for women, it’s important you don’t give up. This is where discipline is beneficial, because it helps with consistency. It also helps to eat a healthful, well-balanced diet and include other weightlifting exercises and cardiovascular exercises. Following this fitness regimen will help you meet your goals and get the body you want. Source: Free Articles from

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