Bodybuilding for Diabetics.

Weight training has countless benefits for your health. It not
only makes your physique more appealing but it can also play a vital role in
the prevention of many diseases.  Weight training
is recommended by doctors and experts to heart patients, people with joint
problems and even the people suffering from diabetes. In this article you will
learn how weight training helps the diabetics.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is of two types namely type 1 and type 2. Type 1
diabetes develops when the pancreas of the patient completely stops working
which means that the body becomes incapable of producing insulin itself. Type 1
diabetes patients have to take insulin shots regularly in order to stay
healthy. It usually develops at a young age but even the elderly are not
completely safe from it.

Type 2 diabetes develops when the body stops properly
producing or using insulin. Mostly adults are affected by it but even the
children are not safe from it lately because of increasing population of obese
people. In this disease, the blood glucose is not properly transferred to the
body cells and as a result the pancreas keeps on releasing more insulin.

How Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding helps the diabetes patients in more ways than
one. Training with weights on regular basis speeds up the metabolism which
makes you burn body fat. Less body fat means less chances of developing Type 2
diabetes. Weight training also helps in controlling the blood glucose level
because during weight training, your muscles use the extra glucose present in
the blood stream as a source of energy. It is obvious the regular weight
training will result in increased muscle mass which in turn increases the body’s
ability to store carbohydrates as muscle glycogen. This increased conversion of
carbs decreases the chances of food being stored as fat. Moreover, you tend to
pay more attention to your diet when you are bodybuilding. This practice ensures
that you don’t eat foods rich in sugar or easily digesting carbs.  HoweverComputer Technology Articles, it is very important that you take
doctor’s advice before starting any weight training routine if you are diabetic.

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