Body Weight Training And The Advantages It Offers


Body weight training, as the name implies, is a kind of workout where you make use of your own body weight to exercise and get fit.  If you need any equipment or tool for the training, it would only be very minimal. This type of training offers various and numerous advantages aside from allowing you to burn fats and build body strength.VersatilityThis benefit covers the fact that body weight training can be done almost anywhere you might be. It could be inside your home, inside the office, etc.  You can add a bar for pull-ups on a strong and sturdy door and you are more than ready to go.  You can exercise in the park or the beach for a more enhance atmosphere where you can breathe fresh air and obtain vitamin D from the sun.  The grass in the park and the sand in the beach will also provide you with added benefits. These are the best surfaces on where you could perform plyometric and cardiovascular drills.  These surfaces offer less bone impact, yet with great amounts of resistance.You practically do not need to go elsewhere just to achieve great fitness results.  As long as there is enough room or space for jumping, bending, stretching, etc. you can start and complete your exercises.  This workout also gives no room for excusing yourself from exercising due to lack of time.  You will not need to drive or commute just to go to the gym for your exercise. Even if you are in an out-of-town business trip, you could do body weight exercises right inside your hotel room. AdaptabilityThere are various body weight exercises that you can include in your routine to be able to exercise every major group of muscles inside your body.  What you will get is a complete training and workout.  Body weight exercises such as squats, push-ups, lunges and pull-ups may all be modifies to suit the level of conditioning you need.  You can change your hand’s position or the elevation of your feet accordingly.  Strength-buildingYou can easily build strength with body weight workouts.  To build strength, one simply needs to apply some resistance so that the muscles will contract.  With more resistance added, your body will eventually develop more strength. Weight LossThis workout can also greatly help in shedding off excess fats. Since all the muscles inside the body are used for the training, more calories are also burned, compared to the amount of calories used in other exercises that isolate certain parts of the body.  FlexibilityThe muscles also become more flexible when you train on your own body weight.  Squats and lunges can help build core strength. Core strengthening workouts focus on the fluid, static movements of the muscles and afterward holding the said position for a few minutes or seconds.  As a result, the body’s motion range is increased; the ligaments are stretched and thus prevent possible tears and damages. Such damages typically happen with weight training and exercises.  Fewer ExpensesSince you practically do not need any costly equipment or tool, you are able to save money. You also do not need to avail of gym memberships and pay unnecessary fees.

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