Basics of Weight using Resistance Training

Resistance training increases the body resistance to any external factors and makes the body powerful than ever. This training not only increases the resistance of the body that keeps the interior parts of the body fit but also keeps the outside part of the body fit and makes it more attractive. The main advantage of resistance training is that a person can lose weight up to a great extent if performs this training effectively. Resistance training includes the use of weights and weight machines and is also known as weight or strength training. This training increases the metabolism of the body and lets the fat present inside the body to burn. As a result of this the body loses weight up to a great extent.Increasing the metabolism of the body is the most crucial part of any weight training exercise. Resistance training puts a great emphasize on increasing the metabolism of the body and that too in a controlled way. If this increase of metabolism is not controlled than the over increased rate of the metabolism would cause the body parts to work more than their limit and as a result the body would get damage. Over increased rate would also lead the body towards excess weight loss making the body weak and the resistance of the body would decrease instead of increasing. People have a misconception about resistance training that it would make their body muscular as that of the bodybuilders or some sportsperson or athlete. The fact is that while resistance training can be used to build larger muscles it can also be used to tone the body and increase strength without adding size.Resistance training works by forcing the muscles of the body to push against the resistance of some form of weight such as a barbell or dumbbell. This causes the muscles present in the body to break down into smaller units due to the tension caused by the weights. The muscles eventually rebuild themselves again into complex parts using caloric energy. These rebuilt muscles are much stronger than original muscles and these also contribute in increasing the metabolism of the body. Increased metabolism of the body forces the body to burn more calories in rebuilding the muscles and the energy of the fats is also used. Eventually all the excess fat burns and the person loses weight.

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