Acai Berry Diet – Lose Weight And Live Healthy With The Acai Berry Diet

The acai berry diet has been gaining a lot of popularity these days after being featured by Dr. Perricone and Dr. Oz on the Oprah winfrey show. But what makes the acai berry diet so good? How could a berry that was relatively uknown just a few years ago, gain such high recognition? The acai berry itself is nothing new to the world. It grows on the Acai palm in the Brazilian rainforest. The natives have used the berry for ages to help fight off hunger and boost their energy. Just recently, the health benefits of the acai berry are being discovered by the rest of the world. What are the health benefits of acai? The acai berry is naturally rich in many nutrients. It has more healthy omega fats for its size than any other food. It contains electrolytes to improve your bodies natural ability with regards to physical activity. It his high in both protein and fiber, both which help build muscle and increase your metabolism. It also contains a large amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, E, and C. But, what the acai berry is most known for is it’s antioxidants. It has over 10x more antioxidants than grapes! These antioxidants help to eliminate the harmful effect of the free radicals which are all too common in todays society. If you are wanting to try the acai berry diet but have not seen acai berry extract or acai berry pills in any stores around your home, don’t worry, they will be there soon enough. The berry is still too new to have made its way into the mainstream market yet. You can find plenty of acai berry diet pills online though. Many are offering free trials to help spread the word about this beneficial diet supplement. Whether or not you choose to lose weight with the acai berry diet, or any other diet supplement or system, it’s important to remember a few simple things. There is no magic solution to weight loss. You should always strive to eat healthy and get take part in a few hours of physical activity each week. The acai berry diet has helped millions of people lose more weight than they could without it. But even the benefits of the acai berry aren’t enough to make you lose weight if you eat ice cream all day while sitting in front of the television. Eat healthy, be active, and take advantage of diet supplements. Follow those 3 simple rules and you are sure to meet any weight loss goal that you set for yourself.

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