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Women would encounter more trouble than men when they went to buy the running clothes. Men’s shorts usually not fit. But, so far, no special breeches were made for women. In tennis shops, you could buy the shorts that were similar to men’s. But the price was a little expensive. In order to solve this problem; women would wear swimming trunks in summer. In a cold weather, the following things were all good choices for women if they could buy and wear them; such as sports trousers, maillot or preparative sportswear. Sue Keno Company produced female running shoes, but not all the manufactures were the same as it. The problem would be easy to solve if you have fat feet. It was not a bad thing if you could find a pair of men’s shoes, which was suitable for you. But if your feet were thin, it would be not easy to deal with. A woman told me that in order to fit the shoes, she had to wear two pairs of socks. One solution was to try to wear Eddie Das and Katz’s shoes. The two companies could manufacture some model shoes that were very thin. The new Converse Company, which produced running shoes, could be divided into three models.About the debate on bra, men had better avoid opening their mouths. Some females insisted that we needed bra when we went to run. But other women thought that it took time to do so. Some women even put forward to wear what kinds of bra or what brands of bra. If I said nothing about this thing, it was a kind of irresponsibility. Nina Ku held the idea that it was not a messy argument. He believed that women needed to wear a tight bra rather than a thin and elastic bra. It especially suitable for people who had big breasts. Otherwise, the breast would tremble while you run. They had to wait until the breasts returned to its original position. In addition, fiction scratches would be caused between skin and skin. However, most women thought that it would not cause abrasions even if they wore a loose bra or no bra. Thus, the most insurance solution to find your suitable way was to try.The reason why so many women did not want to take part in running was that they were afraid of being laughed, met with robbers or gangsters, or encountered troublemakers. Let’s give some advice on these three points now. It only took a short time to adapt to ridicule, particularly when somebody wanted to conceal the heart of envy. Some people would say some mocking words, such as “Hey, my baby, will you follow me if I catch you”. You should be able to endure. Some women would not pay attention to these thorny words. Others would say some startling words, which would not be said by the dock workers. This was based on a sensible theory. If they paid a tooth for a tooth, they would not be provoked by anybody. Some people even said that if they showed a gesture of reconciliation, it would also be an effective method. It mainly depended on how to behave.


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