A Healthy Diet For Life


Following are the guidelines for a healthy diet:Eat only things your mouth and body like: Before you start munching anything ask yourself whether you really want to eat that thing? Does your mouth crave for it? If you love to eat something that is unhealthy for you, then don’t bother, it’s all right to eat unhealthy foods sometime but not always, don’t let the guilt get into you. But always remember good food is for good health.Have at least three meals in a day: The three meals consist of a heavy breakfast, a good lunch and a light dinner with a few snacks or fruits before the dinner. All your meals should consist of the necessary carbohydrates proteins and fat that your body needs per day and also a lot of fruits and vegetables should be included.Eat at least five portions of vegetables and fruits daily: Fruits and vegetables consist of all the vitamins, minerals and fiber required to maintain a well fit and healthy body. They also help in fighting all kinds of diseases. Fiber gives you a feeling of satisfaction and does not make you feel hungry all the time, besides raising your energy level.Choose the right supply of proteins: Egg, fish, poultry pulses etc provide your body with the right amount of protein a body requires without adding up any fat. Eat less fatty food items: Avoid using oil, margarine and butter.  Try to use only olive oil or sesame oil to add an extra taste to the food and keep the calories in control.Reduce your intake of processed sugar: It is good to use sugars that are natural in fruits and desserts. Refined sugars are bad for health and disturb the natural stability of the body. Too much of these sugars could lead to diabetics, or cause mood swings and severe headaches. Include a minimum water intake of at least 2 – 3 liters daily: Water helps the fiber to work well in the body and also prevents the body from dehydration. It nourishes the skin and hair keeping them healthy.Finally, reduce the intake of aerated drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol. Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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