6 Ways to Gain Control Over Your Appetite

An overwhelming number of people in the world today feel that they consistently seem to be slaves or victims to their seemingly voracious appetites, however as predatory as our appetites can seemingly appear to be, they are not immune to our willpower or self-control.
Fortunately, we can be the masters of our own appetites, with help from the following suggestions.
Enjoying healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks helps keep your appetite in control and reduces out of control hunger that makes you eat more at meal times.
Drinking water, in any of the various forms of which it is so readily available to us these days, is not only essential to our health and subsequent productivity but is also an incredibly efficient way through which to curb our appetites.
If plain water seems just excruciatingly unappetizing to you, drinking water that is garnished with slices of lemon or cucumber, or buying water in the flavored and carbonated variety can be equally as hydrating as it is appetite curbing.
Exercise naturally helps to regulate hunger hormones in the body. Most of us don’t want to hear that we should exercise more, because for a lot of us who live busy, working lives, even the mere thought of the word “exercise” can feel exhausting.
However, the concept of exercise does not necessarily need to be synonymous with rigorous workouts or regimented routines that involve one committing to going to the gym every day, rather exercise can be “fit in” so to speak into normal, mundane, every day activities such as running errands or picking up the mail.
For example, opting to take stairs in lieu of an escalator or elevator, or choosing a parking spot further away from the store, or the post office, etc. are just two examples of the seemingly infinite number of opportunities that we are presented with on a daily basis to get a little bit more physicality in our daily lives.
Being active means just that and includes taking the stairs at work, sports or a simple brisk walk after dinner.
Skipping breakfast is a sure-fire way to be detrimental to your appetite control. Eating a breakfast that is well nourishing, with the appropriate balance of protein, fiber and carbohydrates at a time that is relevant to your schedule and your personalized metabolic needs will do wonders for your appetite control throughout the rest of the day.
Both protein and fiber are essential tools in your armory of weapons in terms of your battle with your appetite control. Eggs, beans (and all other legumes) peas, oatmeal, and a myriad of other protein and fiber rich foods, especially when consumed in the first part of the day, are all crucial to your ability to control the willpower that you have over your appetite. Eat enough foods that are dense in both of these nutrients, and you can and will be able to be the master of your own hunger.
Traditionally, mid-afternoon is celebrated as “tea time” in many areas of the world for reasons that are more important than just a simple social call. Partaking in a ritual that involves consuming black, green or herbal teas that are accompanied by a small, nutritious snack in between your lunch and dinner can exponentially increase your success at curbing your appetite throughout the day.
It is incredibly normal to feel hungry at the late mid-day point and indulging in a mid-afternoon snack in conjunction with a good cup of tea that offers a caffeine boost will make a big difference in the amount of food that you consume at dinner time, and consequently will make a big difference in your ability to control your overall appetite throughout the day.

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