5 Ways To Boost Your Mental Wellness

In this busy day and age, keeping our mental health in a good state doesn’t come easy. We have to own up to it, understand what makes us who we are and find ways to create balance in our lives. It’s a process that requires honesty, self-love and a true desire to change.

Your mental wellbeing isn’t just about feeling ‘happy.’ It’s also about nurturing your relationships, setting boundaries, creating goals and achieving them. It’s also about maintaining a healthy physique so you can enjoy living.

1. Know your self-worth

When you love and value yourself, everyone around you knows it. Try something new like a foreign language or a musical instrument. You can also pick up a hobby you’ve forgotten about. Get to know your strengths and use them to your advantage.

Doing something you’re good at boosts your self-esteem. Mental activities, like crossword and number puzzles, give your brain a workout and provide you with some alone time. Use this time to rejuvenate yourself and think about your personal goals.

2. Stay healthy

Eating right and drinking plenty of water boosts your self-esteem because you feel and look great. Moreover, you find yourself moving easier, concentrating more and having a more positive outlook in general.

Add to that regular exercise, and you triple your levels of wellbeing. Besides, feeling stronger and fitter, working out several days during the week releases endorphins in your bloodstream which act as an instant lift-me-up. They all work together to keep your brain, and your vital organs, healthy and your mental wellness on the rise.

Staying healthy also means you avoid drugs and alcohol because they have a negative effect on your brain.

3. Spend time with the right kind of people

We all have supportive, loving people in our lives. They can be one person, a whole group or an entire family, the important thing is to connect with them on a regular basis. This can also allow you to give back to your loved ones and be there for them when they need you, which releases ‘feel-good’ hormones and boosts your wellbeing.

Studies show that those with a close support network are largely healthier than those without. You can also meet new people and create a new circle of friends by joining a class, a club or a support group.

4. Practice meditation

Taking a few minutes of reflective, quiet time for yourself opens you up to a calm, relaxed state. You become less stressed, more focused and energized. It also allows you to be more grateful which is crucial for healthy wellbeing and self-esteem.

Even 5 minutes each day is enough to bring you inner peace and tranquility. Plus, it teaches you how to deal with stress, which is an inevitable part of everyday life. By practicing good coping skills, you reduce stress, relax your body and ease anxiety and fear.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

Quality sleep on a consistent basis is key to your overall health and very important for your mental wellbeing. When you sleep your body regenerates and renews, and getting a good night’s rest means that you will have mental energy, focus and concentration to get you through your busy days.

We all know the importance of sleep, but actually being able to get a full 7 – 9 hours of it can be quite difficult.

Try these tips for a good, restful night’s sleep:

• Stick to the same sleep routine
• Avoid screen time half an hour before your bedtime
• Keep your room at a cool temperature
• Don’t eat heavy foods at least one hour before going to bed
• Make sure your pillow and mattress are comfortable and provide support for your back and neck\\\"\\\"

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