5 Simple Tips to Gain Weight For Women

I’m sure you’ve looked all over the Internet for information on how
to gain weight with only limited information. I however am changing this
by writing articles on how to gain weight specifically for women. Just a
simple search on Google for “John Graham Baines” reveals articles on
how women can gain weight. This article will look into 5 Simple Tips to
Gain Weight For Women.

1) Write up a weight gain plan

up a weight gain plan is the first thing you need to do. Writing a plan
can mean the difference between achieving your desired physique sooner
rather than later. Other benefits of writing up a weight gain plan is
the increased motivation of tracking how far you’ve got to go and the
drop in procrastination from the constant reminder of your goal.

vital tool you should include in your plan is a deadline for gaining a
certain amount of weight. This could be 30 pounds of weight gain in 8
months for those who are critically underweight or 10 pounds in 3 months
for a modest approach.

One thing you’ve got to remember is that
most of the weight should come in the form of muscle. Muscle actually
makes you look more feminine so throw out the notion that heavy weights
gives you a masculine look whether that advice came from a personal
trainer or from friends.

The fact is it takes a great deal of effort to
build muscles like a bodybuilder. From the constant eating and
consumption of bodybuilding supplements as well as the steroids,
hardcore training and a life totally dedicated to bodybuilding, this is
what it takes to build a physique of a bodybuilder. So be rest assured
that you’ll very unlikely build a body like a bodybuilder.

2) Eat frequently

probably heard this from friends and family but there is a way to go
about it. First you have to choose which foods are high in calories,
these include brown rice, wholegrain bread, wholegrain pasta, rolled
oats, full cream milk, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, nuts, avocados,
tomatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, bananas, apples, honey, coconut
oil and olive oil.

These foods are nutrient and calorie dense and would
allow you to gain weight more easily than junk food. You’ll also feel a
whole lot better eating those wholesome foods as well. You should
consume 4-6 smaller meals or if that’s too much preparation 3 meals and 3
snacks per day to provide a steady flow of nutrients for your muscles
to grow.

3) Choose compound exercises

best exercises involve multiple muscle groups working together. These
exercises are the most effective since they release large amounts of
muscle building hormones. Some of these compound exercises include
squats, deadlifts, bench press, push ups, pull ups, chin ups and dips.

Most women rarely do any of these exercises because they are perceived
as being too hard to do and masculine in nature. These exercises will
help you reach your desired physique sooner than many other exercises.

4) Use cardiovascular exercises

exercises should also be part of your training. Many bodybuilders are
known for their lack of cardiovascular fitness even though they look
very athletic. This is a perfect example of how you can’t judge a
person’s fitness level from the outside. What really matters is what’s
going on in the inside.

Cardiovascular exercise improves the condition
of your heart by making it more efficient at pumping blood, it prevents
the build up of plaque on the arterial wall, creates new blood vessels
along the length of your muscle thereby improving nutrient uptake and
improved efficiency of waste removal of metabolic wastes.

people who do cardiovascular exercises choose long, boring, moderate
intensity cardio. This type of cardiovascular exercise only offers
moderate benefits of fitness. The most effective type of cardiovascular
exercise is High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.

HIIT works by
alternating between sprinting at an all out intensity and leisurely
walking for a number of sets. The benefits of HIIT is a much improved
cardiovascular system in less than half an hour. An example is as

1st set – 30 seconds sprinting, 60 seconds walking

2nd set – 30 seconds sprinting, 60 seconds walking

3rd set – 30 seconds sprinting, 60 seconds walking

4th set – 30 seconds sprinting, 60 seconds walking

5) Go to bed early

kids you would’ve been told by your parents to go to bed early in order
to wake up early in the morning. Well your parents were right in doing
so. Going to bed early allows your body plenty of time to recover from
working out. It is well known in the fitness community that each hour
slept before midnight is equivalent in quality to two hours slept after
midnight hence the importance of an early night.

Another reason why it’s
so important to go to bed early is the fact that hormones such as
Testosterone, Insulin Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) and Melatonin are
released between the hours of 11pm and 1am. Missing those hours will
result in increased stress, muscle breakdown, greater fat storage,
lethargy and inability to concentrate.

As comprehensive and
detailed as this article may appearArticle Search, this article has provided you the
foundation to building your desired physique you’ve always dreamt about.
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