5 Questions to Assess Your Overall Wellness

When it comes to wellness, there’s not really any such thing as “normal.” For this and for many other reasons, it can be difficult to assess one’s own wellness by comparing one’s own experiences with how we perceive other’s experiences. If someone else seems to be healthier than you, it does not necessarily mean that you are unhealthy.
So how do you assess your own wellness? Ask yourself the following questions to determine your current state of wellness with reference to your own life and obligations.
Please note that “wellness” and “health” are similar, but health is more physical, and wellness is more holistic. As a result, some of the following questions relate to your physical health but others may seem more abstract.
How Do You Feel?
Sensations that come from our health give us clues about our wellness because the two are similar and they relate to each other. Symptoms of issues with your health like trouble sleeping, weight gain, or a lack of energy can also be symptoms of problems with your wellness.
Sometimes we can notice the impact of these things on our physical health before we notice the impact that it is having on other aspects of our lives, but they have a way of catching up with us.
How Do You Really Feel?
This is a similar question, but it’s about your emotional feelings rather than your physical sensations or perceptions.
If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you are worried about some aspect of your wellness. That could be the first clue that something may be wrong.
As mentioned in the introduction, however, it can be easy to feel that something might be wrong with you because of the way that you see other people live their lives. When you look at someone else, you never see the whole picture. Even if you could, it wouldn’t have to look like you.
If you feel like something is wrong, maybe it is. If you felt fine this morning but something during the day made you feel like something’s missing, you might just be having a “the grass is always greener moment.”
How Do Others Feel About You?
This is an important question for a number of reasons.
Sometimes we don’t notice when something is wrong, but a friend or loved one will. If other people tell you that you aren’t as happy or fun as you used to be, or that you’ve “lost your step” it may mean that something is wrong. Or maybe you’re just getting older.
On the other hand, the way that you perceive how other people see you (whether it’s accurate or not) is an important piece of the puzzle. If you feel like an important member of your family, your community, or at work, you’re more likely to be happier and healthier than someone who feels like they aren’t needed or wanted.
Can You (Or Do You) Still Do Things You Used To Enjoy?
Not being interested in things that you used to enjoy is one of the first signs of depression, provided, that is, that you haven’t found new things to replace them with. Everyone’s tastes change, but if you don’t seem to enjoy anything anymore it could be a sign that something is off.
Not being able to do things that you used to can also be a sign of physical issues like heart or breathing problems. Again, they can just be a sign that you’re getting older.
Are You Keeping Up On Your Commitments?
If you can’t do those basic things like pay the bills or function at work or school, whether for physical or emotional reasons, it could be a sign that something is wrong.
You’re not necessarily the problem. It might be a problem with your surroundings. Looking for a change of scenery or a more compelling set of tasks might be all it takes to set you right.\\\"\\\"

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