5 New Year Weight Loss Tips For Women

Weight loss tips for women and men are not going to be the same. Men typically want to bulk up and build muscle mass, while women generally want a toned and slimmer body shape. There are a number of good ways to lose weight that suit women and a variety of simple things that you can do to make it easier on yourself. Here are 5 weight loss tips for women that will help you with your diet goals.

1. Rehydrate Regularly.

Drinking water is one of the most simple ways to lose weight and it’s something that you can do everyday. By drinking plenty of water each day, you’ll feel more full and be less inclined to overeat. When you are hydrated, you enhance the amount of calories your body burns each day and as a result burn more body fat. To begin the weight loss benefits of water, aim drink a minimum of 8 glasses every day.

2. Get An Accountability Partner.

When you’re trying to lose weight by yourself, it’s easy cheat on your diet and miss workouts. These easy excuses are taken out of the equation when you have an accountability partner because you have someone to answer to. They’ll check in on you and make sure you’re keeping to your healthy eating plans, exercising regularly and reaching your weight loss goals. If you’re not, they’ll hold you accountable and help you get back on the right track.

3. Eat Healthy Snacks.

If you forget about your healthy diet between meals by snacking on sweets, crisps or biscuits you’ll end up piling on loads of extra calories, even if you are eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are plenty of healthy snacks that can satisfy your hunger cravings between meals without ruining your weight loss goals. Fruits contain around 100 calories per serving and Greek yoghurt is another top healthy snack which packs less than 100 calories per half cup.

4. Try Resistance Training.

By incorporating some resistance training, or weightlifting into your workout routine, you can enjoy some serious fat burning benefits. Muscle cells burn 3 times more calories than fat cells. You will not build bulky muscles by including a mixture of resistance exercises that work your entire body. When you increase the amount of muscle cells in your body you’ll accelerate the rate at which your body blasts through calories and fat.

5. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself.

Negativity and self-criticism destroys thousands of women’s weight loss goals every year. As soon as they experience a setback, make a poor dietary choice or skip a workout, they focus all their attention on it and criticize themselves heavily. This negativity often derails their weight loss progress and leads to them quitting. When you do experience a setback, accept it, strive to improve going forward and then move on. Continue with a positive attitude and focus firmly on your weight loss goals.

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