10 Tips for Physical Wellness

1. Eat a varied and balanced diet
People talk a lot about eating a balanced diet. That means a diet that includes elements from all of the major food groups. That’s a good start, but it’s not quite enough. You also need to have variety within those food groups.
Different foods contain different nutrients that your body needs to carry out its many vital process. For example, eating fruits and vegetables is important but suppose you eat no fruits or vegetables other than carrots and apples. Your body will still not be getting all of the nutrients that it needs, so be sure to eat different foods within each food group.
2. Stay active
Staying active is extremely important. It helps to burn fat, yes, but it does so much more. Staying active is also good for your heart and your lungs, and it helps your body to keep using energy the way that it is supposed to.
Staying active also helps you to age gracefully. After a certain age, we start to gradually lose muscle and bone mass. Staying active in old age can help to slow these losses, but being healthy when your younger can give you a head start as you approach advanced age.
3. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is important. A good benchmark goal is to drink a glass at each meal and one between each meal. Water is usually recommended, but keep in mind that other beverages like milk and fruit juices count too.
Be careful about counting other beverages, however. Coffees and teas contain caffeine, while wine, beer, and spirits contain alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol cause your body to release fluids, so drinking too much of these liquids can actually leave your body more dehydrated.
4. Get plenty of sleep
Sleep can tend to take a backseat to work or to play, which is unfortunate. When you’re asleep is when your body does a number of important functions, like processing memories and repairing wear-and-tear from the day.
That’s why running low on sleep for a night can leave you feeling groggy but running low on sleep for much longer can leave you physically exhausted.
5. Manage your stress
You may be thinking, “isn’t this article about physical wellness tips?” It is, but when you feel stressed, your body releases chemical signals that change the way that your body runs. That means that if you’re too stressed too often, it can take a toll on your physical health. Too much stress changes thing like how your body uses energy, how much or how well you sleep at night, and many other factors, so find a healthy way to relax.
6. Practice moderation
A lot of things that we think of as being healthy can be unhealthy if you get too much of them. Some diets can help you lose weight on the short term but not provide adequate nutrients in the long term.
Too much exercise can mean that your body doesn’t have the time and resources to build and repair itself, potentially leading to injury. The list goes on and on.
Similarly, a lot of things that we think of as unhealthy can have health benefits from time to time. Beer has chemicals that are good for the bacteria in your stomach and wine is a source of antioxidants. Even sweets have their place, as long as you don’t eat too much too often.
7. Keep in touch with a healthcare provider
Your healthcare provider can help you to keep your health on track by working with you to build diet and exercise goals that work for you. They are also able to spot diseases and other potential issues well before the average individual can.
8. Keep in touch with your friends
Similar to the section on stress, one might think that this tip is out of place. Having friends provides a number of physical benefits, however. They help to lower stress levels, increase immune strength, can contribute to staying active, and can help you to make good decisions.
9. Keep in touch with yourself
People who really stay in touch with themselves don’t need most of the tips in this article, but most people don’t stay really in touch with themselves. Every now and then, take a quiet moment to ask yourself how you are feeling.
Are you stressed? Are you thirsty, hungry, or tired? Maybe you feel poorly and don’t know why. Whatever your body is telling you, act on it and you are likely to be feel and live healthier.
10. Keep reading
In all of human history, information has never been more readily available than it is right now. This was a very general article with very general information. If there was something that you didn’t understand or something that you did understand but want to know more about, look it up.\\\"\\\"

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