10 Tips for Environmental Wellness

Your personal well-being is inextricably linked to the health of our planet, and your environmental wellness includes how effectively you are living in harmony with your environment.

Environmental wellness dimensions include your impact on the earth as well as your personal environment, how you take action to protect the environment, and you well you protect yourself from environmental hazards.

Some indicators that you have strong environmental wellness include:

• Awareness of the limitations of natural resources
• Conservation of energy and resources
• Recycling and reusing materials as much as possible
• Appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors
• Avoiding actions that pollute the earth
• Avoiding environmental hazards, like UV, second-hand smoke, and harsh elements

Here are top 10 favorite ways you can improve your environmental wellness.

#1. Reduce your consumption of energy.

Conserving energy is more than just turning off the lights when you aren’t in the room. It’s also turning your thermostat down lower and dressing in warmer clothes, walking or biking instead of driving, carpooling when you can, and finding ways to reduce the amount of fossil fuels you use every day.

#2. Reduce your waste.

Everything you throw away has to be dealt with in some way. Avoiding adding to your local landfill is crucial, so recycle and reuse as much as you can. When possible, avoid purchasing things with excess packaging. Consider buying second-hand, so as to reduce the creation of new things. Always use reusable bags and containers whenever possible to avoid single-use packaging.

#3. Focus on your local community.

Buying from your local farmers and producers minimizes the distance your goods have to travel. Eating locally means you are more likely to eat fresh food that is in season instead of food that traveled sometimes thousands of miles to reach you. Local farmers are much more likely to be invested in protecting their soil, air, and water, as well.

#4. Volunteer

Volunteering for organizations that engage in environmental protection is one way to help protect the earth. Volunteering in your local community for groups that help people is another way to promote the safekeeping of your environment and the people who live there. You can even organize a fundraiser to support work in this area.

#5. Reduce your consumption of other resources.

Energy is not the only resource that needs protecting. Reducing your consumption of water and buying fewer goods helps lower your impact on the vital natural resources that are limited on our planet.

#6. Avoid adding pollutants to the environment.

Use natural products for cleaning and as herbicides and pesticides. Stop using chemicals and other harmful compounds in and around your home which can end up in your watershed or soil.

#7. Surround yourself with others with environmental wellness.

Fostering relationships with others who also support environmental causes and work is important to your environmental wellness. When you are friends with others who believe as you, it makes your efforts feel more beneficial, and you can share ideas with like-minded friends about how to better your environment.

#8. Protect yourself from the environment

Safety is an important component of environmental wellness. Protect yourself from injury by wear a helmet when needed, keep your home safe by using smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Sign up for emergency alerts to stay aware of what is happening in your local area. Avoid harmful compounds like UV rays and exposure to smoke and chemicals.

#9. Protect wildlife.

Protecting yourself and the land is crucial but so is being and advocate for the other living creatures that share the planet. Support cause that protect endangered species and don’t but products that destroy natural habitats or harm animals.

#10. Educate yourself.

Stay informed about topics and causes that are related to the environment, and share your learning with others who could benefit from knowing more.\\\"\\\"

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